Born and raised in Poland, she came over to the UK in 2010 at the age of 20. Few years later, after successfully finishing English for Speakers of Other Languages course at Burnley College, she decided to pursue her dream career by capturing the moments and how the time flies by.That leaded her onto starting a Photography Degree at University Centre at Blackburn College.
“Last three years were fantastic!
I was able to explore my passion further and learn things I had no idea of at first! The way this course has developed me and my outlook for life, is phenomenal! One of the areas of photography I am mostly proud of, is my documentary project about a dead cow I found nearby the lake.For some unknown to me reason, I found it fascinating and I decided to take few photos. What I find fascinating in documentary photography is the history behind it and the reasoning to what and why this has happened? Due to the fact of the times I live in, I have no way of seeing how things used to look like 20, 30, 50 or 100 years ago if not thanks to photography overall.I am really pleased that I can take part in leaving something behind that was created by me and will hopefully last years to come.”
This passion pushed Joanna to a further level of documentary photography by reaching out to her memories when her father lost three fingers in his right hand. That was devastating experience to Joanna.That memory was a first step she took to choose documentary photography as her Final Major Project which concentrated around people with Extraordinary and Extreme Human Conditions.
“I wanted to show how people are affected by conditions that at first sight, are not visible. Whenever you would pass by these people on the street, you would not see the struggle they are going through. From mental Illnesses to post operation scars that are not visible to, actually a young woman in the mid 20’s, who could die if she leaves her home. Some things are just not the way they are at first.”

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